My Creativity Inspo

All ideas grow out of other ideas. I second this quote!

My Creativity Inspo

I mentioned in a previous article that we are social learners as much as we can be reflective learners. For me personally, it is the back and forth between my learning type that helps me innovate on ideas and learnings from others.

"You alone pun dah banyak expertise (Just you alone are already holding lots of expertise)" ~Denise Teoh on describing me. ūüėú

In this article, I will share a few light-hearted and inspirational channels I watch on Youtube. Their values intrigues me and they became my weekly source of entertainment.  Interestingly, they are also where I get a lot of inspirations and ideas for learning!

Of course, there are plenty more sources of inspo, which perhaps I shall share another day.

Good Mythical Morning

A whacky duo, ex-engineer dads that chose to leave their careers to pursue their curiosity and build an internet fandom of mythical beasts.  Being greeted with gratitude every weekday helps reinforce our behaviour as viewers to continue watching their show!

Their show revolves around exploring possibilities, reminiscing history, asking whys, innovating new stuff, collaborating with others, finding humour in little things, including making fun at themselves.

My personal favourite segment is the "Will it" segment,  where they explore if things will, e.g. Will it chip? Will it sushi? Will it slip & slide?  It is a segment that makes you now look at your world in a different perspective, as there may be infinite possibilities of combinations to create new (hopefully useful or yummy) items!

Thank you for making us part of your daily routine. ~Rhett & Link, GMM.


A variety show led by a Taskmaster and his assistant, who crafts quirky tasks for 5 guests personalities to complete in every episode. "Lateral thinking" was mentioned quite a number of times in this show to describe the contestants' intellect, as some task instructions can be interpreted in multiple ways and some tasks can be completed in multiple ways!

On top of that, the taskmaster has the last (very subjective) say on who did it best and award points for the one of the contestant to win prizes that all of them brought in at the beginning of each show based on a theme given. LOL. Prizes the host never has to pay for, what a genius move!! Plus, it also helps if the contestants can sweet talk their way into justifying why their completed product or method they used were the best!

It is sort-of like "Whose line is it anyway", where everything is made up and the points don't matter! Just some good, creative entertainment!  Watch to get ideas for quick, easy games to occupy a room of people, including for a classroom of students!


This is a channel showcasing a day in a life or year in a life of this lady in China.  She shares her "kampung" lifestyle, including gardening, foraging, cooking, carpentry, upcycling, and sewing.  Her sustainable and zero-waste way of living is what I look up to.  She shows there is so much potential in nature and that there is a way to ensure the cycle of life always continue to sustain mother nature, with us as part of her.  As long as you return to nature as much as you take, nature will always take care of you too.  In addition, her videography does plenty of justice to the absolutely breathtaking sceneries of her village in the mountains!

DianXi XiaoGe is also another channel similar to LiZiQi.  DianXi XiaoGe also uses her channel to promote her culture and showcase her villages and surrounding towns.  A plus, they both have cute pets in their videos. =)  Do check them out!

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Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

For all of them, it is the genuine interest in what they do that intrigues me.  Then being able to enjoy what they do while sharing this passion with others that keeps me continuously watching them.  Since it has also nothing much to do with what I do at work, being able to find connections and association from what I watch with what I do is my way of keeping my mind moving.  Although, truth be told, it is mostly done by my subconsciousness, and the rest through my socialising and discussions with friends and families.