Cikgu jadi pemudahcara? Teachers are facilitators?

A rant: From 'teaching and learning' to 'learning and facilitating" (PdP - Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran --> PdPC Pembelajaran dan Pemudahcaraan.) What's that all about?!

Cikgu jadi pemudahcara? Teachers are facilitators?

We were recognised as teacher, until "teaching" wasn't what the higher authorities think we should be doing. Then we were to be known as "facilitators" of learning.

However, as any teacher can attest, our role is more than just teach or facilitate.  A teacher builds rapport, designs, nurtures, impresses, coaches, assesses, documents, shares, collaborates, and learns. A teacher cares, persuades, advises, reprimands, comforts, counsels, heals. But why are these verbs not part of our title? Why aren't we called designers of learning, assessors of learning, collaborators of learning, advisors of learning, healers in education. Cos we ain't in it for the title of a "teacher" or now a "facilitator", most of us know all the other verbs are part of the unwritten responsibility (or as what I have once heard an educator say it as response-ability).

So why are people who aren't teachers trying to re-term our title to specify better on what we should do with our learners?

A teacher may not be a mother, but a teacher makes a human.

A teacher educates. And that's all that matters.