Happy Teacher's Day 2020

Schooling isn't what it is anymore, but is learning still what it is?

Happy Teacher's Day 2020

This is gonna be an unforgettable teacher's day.

Schooling isn't what it is and educators worldwide are reflecting and rediscovering their role.

However, learning is still what it is, isn't it?  

It is still sparking, maintaining, and enhancing the spirit of curiosity.  

It is still about finding balance, while pushing the limits.

It is still observing anything and everything, discovering patterns, then making connections out of all of it.

It is watching a smile, then discovering the reasons behind it.

It is following a curriculum, but also doing household chores.  

It is about being kind to others, but also throwing a tantrum at your loved ones.  Then asking yourself or getting asked "why?".

It is back to the purpose of growing yourself in all aspects to ensure you feel and you are safe, significant, have a sense of belonging, and still retain your own identity.

Everyone is a teacher, whether you are educating little kids, coaching adults, advising a family or a friend, or teaching yourself about yourself.  So, Happy Teacher's Day, everybody!