Can a simple dry notebook be playful or have a sense of humour?


When it comes to interactive notes or interactive book, what you can find is usually for young kids or students. You get touch-and-feel books for toddlers, pop-up books for young children, pull-out notes or hide-and-reveal notes for school-goers, but has noone realise there is no fun notebooks for adults?

Why should a notebook be just a notebook, and not one with some fun activities to trigger creativity? Why can't a yearly planner or organiser also include a little bit of silly activities? We are encouraged to meditate or do nothing to boost our creativity. (Read more about benefit of doing nothing here and here). There are also studies showing how play helps with learning for kids. I even wrote about it in my previous post. And adults are just what you call kids living in a bigger body. That said, wouldn't the same principles apply to adults?

So, can notebooks be something more interactive rather than just for note-taking? Can a colouring book also include pages for my reflections and ideas? Can I jot down ideas on the same toy as I'm playing mindlessly with it? Can I try out a recipe but also write down my reviews about it or doodle my own tweaks to the cooking? That's what I intended this interactive notebook to be!

So here goes, TADA!

Include bespoke paperdolls, colouring pages, tear-off postcard, recipes, 3D birthday card.

Include bespoke paperdolls, colouring pages, tear-off postcard, and interior design layout activity

I'm fulfilling my inner child with the crafty bits and my fashion-designer-wanna-be persona with the paperdolls. Best bit is knowing that the notebooks are personalised according to what I think the recipients will enjoy toying with.

These are still very basic and look handmade. I hope to get it to a point of quality that will make people look twice at a homemade gift and ask if I've engaged a printer to make it. Still figuring out how~ Perhaps I should keep to something of this standard - book with cover ?

If you have more ideas for me to try, or feedback on how I can improve on this, or if you feel like trying it out too, let me know via my email or DM me on my instagram @juinkoo