It is selfish to be kind.

I strive to be continuously selfish this year. What about you?

It is selfish to be kind.

I have come to realise this a few years back that it is rather self-centred for someone to do a good deed.

Being kind enables one person to not only feel internally happy, but also projects positive energy that may return to you in one form or another. You can call this karma or yang energy, I see it as similar things. Call me a weirdo, but just giving way for a car to turn into my lane during heavy traffic somehow causes me to also have a smoother ride and easily manoeuvre into different traffic lanes along my journey. So yea, I was kind cos I wanted the universe to repay me for it after.

Furthermore, being kind also potentially make another being to be indebted to you in some way. This again may be reciprocated in unusual, unexpected, and sometimes strangest way. You may have read of the story of a nurse helping a patient in an emergency, only to have the patient's child helping nurse the nurse back when they are older. Or a delivery man just wishing a family's newborn well on his delivery rounds (as he also recently became a father himself), and to have the family make him viral and strangers showering him with gifts after. Being kind builds unconscious trust with strangers who unknowingly forms friendship with you that may benefit you in future. How selfish is that?!

Another example will be doing selfish deed of being nice for the community. Not littering or even picking up other people's trash, not doing open burning, not vandalising the facilities around me takes a lot of foresight and future planning for myself. It's not easy! Ensuring that where I stay is safe for others also means it is safe for me. I'm doing (or actually not doing) all these basically to protect myself and where I live. Making sure the air I breathe is clean and the scenery I see naturally beautiful. It's not really for the community, is it? Duh, it's for my own comfort and peace. What?! Think that's selfish? So what?! I am proudly announcing I am selfish for doing so!

Oh my, don't even start on those who champion for non-human, like animal rights and environmental actions. Look how much fame and fortune they get! Look how viral they are, like Greta Thunberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sir David Attenborough. That Sir Attenbourough is definitely going to leave a legacy more than Queen E! Gosh, so egotistical these people! Snatching up all the twitter views and netflix contracts!

Same principle applies for things like vaccination, masking up during a pandemic, quarantining, self distancing. Going to volunteer to help the underprivileged get registered for jabs, providing food for the homeless, helping flood victims rebuild their lives, all these are narcissistic actions! Enabling others so that everyone can stay alive, work for one another, and nurture this unseen camaraderie and community togetherness, so that in future everyone will support one another in times of need too and continue the cycle of "kindness"? S.E.L.F.I.S.H!!

For those unvaccinated people walking around without mask on, mass gathering, you are so selfless to help with controlling the human population by infecting one another and dying. Such sacrifice, much wow! Those fighting for abortions to be banned, thank you for increasing the number of angry, fearful, struggling mothers and families, which leads to all these Karens and Trumps who fights for people to have the rights to drink bleach, and hurt or even kill other races who don't look like them, again helping control the human population.

For those who are fighting for something you think isn't right, think again, they may have more selfless intentions backing their battle. And when you think you are being compassionate, thoughtful, charitable, are you really?

For this new year, call me names, I don't care, I will still strive to be selfish by bringing "joy" to others, spreading "positivity and kindness", becoming a "good" citizen, so I get to live as long as Betty White!