It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Although not from a culture that celebrates Christmas, I cannot help but be eager for December to arrive.  T'is the season of giving, feasting, and imagining not just Santa and his reindeers, but also snow in a tropical country!

This year, just documenting and sharing a few home, office, and personal activities of mine for this joyous month.

Christmas tree at home

We have been passed over a Christmas tree from my sister after she migrated.  So this is our yearly reusable home decor between Dec and Jan.  

This is us scrambling to set up the tree a week before Christmas.

Office Christmas virtual get-together activity

Our office does yearly Christmas parties, with long table filled with good food and drinks.  However, since last year, we substituted physical gatherings with virtual ones.  Hence, our party host had to be extra creative on how to get us to spend time together and build common experience to increase our rapport and also end the year on a high note too.

This year, we had breakout rooms, and preset activities we can choose to work on in those sessions. Choices this year included assembling nanoblocks, greeting card stamping, or paint by numbers.  I chose painting, and I had to pick the trickiest one to paint - A Christmas tree scene with snowflakes outline with lines thinner than the brush given. LOL!

Watch me complete mine below:

A selfish interest turned annual gifting practice

It began with just me wanting shortbread for myself, as I love 'em!  And it ain't cheap to buy them here in Malaysia.  Now has turned into a 5-year plan of shortbread baking and yearly upgrades, and an annual gifting practice for friends and family.  What yearly upgrades you may ask? Look forward to it next year!

I have gotten recipients' testimonials that they are gooood, from both kids and adults. Muahahaha! The secret ingredient everyone knows: Love (lame... i know...)

omg! i want the shortbread! it was so nice!  ~K.M.
Auntie Juin, I love your biskut so much! Can I have more pleeaase? Thank you.  ~Z.
I am usually an alpha male but I will demean myself for shortbread. ~A.

Credits to this chef and video below. Recipe is in the video description:

Now you can all make some for yourself!

Wishing everyone a blessed, safe, and joyous Christmas, and Happy (hopefully better) New Year!