Oswestry: Quaint lil town with much to offer

Oswestry, in Shropshire, a town most travellers to UK wouldn't think of visiting... But then there's you!

Oswestry: Quaint lil town with much to offer

Located northwest of Birmingham, nearing the border of north Wales, lies a little underrated town. Filled with quirky nooks and crannies, Oswestry may be the place to be for those who enjoy exploring a small town and vibing with boomers. It may take about a 4~5hr train ride from London, but it is worth for a week's trip!

I wouldn't have known this town if not for personal reasons. Interestingly, this town is actually on an England map my parents' have back home. I guess Oswestry is significant enough to be printed onto a souvenir canvas map, which says something about the town!

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In this post, you'll read a shortlist of what Oswestry has to offer. Be prepared to be bombarded by pictures aimed to entice you to visit the town.

This post only covers the tip of the iceberg of what the town has to offer.

1.Annual hot air balloon festival

Oswestry Balloon Carnival 2024
Oswestry Balloon Carnival, local family fun charity event in aid of Nightingale House Hospice, supported by Oswestry Town Council, Oswestry BID and Spirit Operations.

It is no international or global, or even at a national scale, but Oswestry actually host a yearly hot air balloon festival! This festival is an annual thing in Oswestry since 2017 (if I'm not mistaken). It is where different organisations come to showcase their balloon fly-outs and conduct demonstrations. The take-offs are very dependent on the weather, even if you make it to Oswestry town purposely for this event, you may or may not see them. So pray for good weather when you're there!

Fortunately, this is a carnival filled with all kinds of food and fun entertainment. Usually hosted in Cae Glas Park, you not only get to watch the balloons, or take part in the game booths, or fill your tummy to the brim, but also enjoy what this beautiful park has to offer (as described in the next point)!


Vid by William T

2.Cae Glas Park

Cae Glas Park | Oswestry | Wilfred Owen Sculpture
Cae Glas Park Oswestry. Visit the Wilfred Owen sculpture. See the award winning flowers. Play area, crazy golf, bowls, tennis.

Cae Glas Park is among the many prides of the town, a 7-acre site with very well-kept flower beds, children's playground, bandstand, pavillion, green grass, fountains... There's also a famous poet sculpture in the park. The main gates are located right next to St Oswald's church and other gates cuts into different parts of the town. However, you can hardly get lost in such a smol little town like Oswestry. Even if you do, you'd enjoy the stroll anyway!

In your day in day out in town, you most probably may use this Park as a shortcut through different parts of town as well. In the right season, they have gorgeous blooms, which leads me to the next point.

3.Britain in Bloom Finalist

Oswestry selected as Britain in Bloom UK finalists! - Oswestry Life
Following last year’s success in the regional competition, Heart of […]

Who wouldn't enjoy and appreciate blooming vibrant flowers around town, be it in beds or hanging! Every corner makes a nice backdrop for photos, you just need to know how to angle it and pose!

Oswestry has been part of the Britain in Bloom competitions and is always in the running for the win! If you walk around town and observe the shop lots, you may notice shop windows with badges stating that they are in support of Oswestry in Bloom and these shops do put in effort to beautify their store florally.

For me, it's the strong sense of township and belonging the people have that gives me the close-knitted, safe vibes in this community.

4.Town Market

That's the town market behind us! And this was a medieval performer you get to act with if you're smart enough to work out when he comes on. A market town since 1262, Oswestry town market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only, so do schedule your trip to include it. The food there is worth the trip. You can also find good steals from thrift stores, trinkets, crafts, and local produces on the market square right outside.

Right at the market square, you'll also notice the Oswestry town museum. Go in and have a look at the largest collection of ear trumpets!

Other than the town market, Oswestry also has multiple good food options at their shops around town. You can check out Square One cafe, Gilham's Deli, Old School House, Town House, Prezzo's Italian Restaurant, The Courtyard Tearooms. #notasponsor


5.British Ironworks Centre

Home | The British Ironwork Centre
Visit the Ironworks to see outstanding metal artworks and sculptures, stop for a tasty treat in the Forge café or take home a unique find from our showroom.

Take the chance to visit the British Ironworks Centre and admire gloriously crafted metalworks there. One of their most famous piece is the Knife Angel, made out of 100,000 knives collected from knife crimes in the UK, made as a monument against violence and aggression. The Knife Angel is now placed in Trafalgar Square in London though. There are still plenty of beautiful artwork on very vast amount of land, a full 90-acres of it. Good place to tire out kids and adult alike!

Fret not, as the centre also has cafes, showrooms, and local artisans units to fill your time if all those sculpture hunting is still not enough to do.

6.Old Oswestry Hillfort

Old Oswestry Iron Age Hillfort | Historic England | Visit Oswestry
Old Oswestry Iron Age Hillfort | Historic England. Near to Oswestry Town. One of the most important iron age hill forts in the UK.

Honestly, I have not hike up here myself, but it is in my list of spots to visit! This hillfort apparently has the best view of the Shropshire county. It is also one of the best preserved hillforts of Britain's oldest settlements. Miles and miles of greens, sooth your eyes and lungs with this scenic walk, why not.

7.Church of St Oswald

The Parish Church of St Oswald, King and Martyr -
Oswestry Parish Church. Church Street Oswestry. Church Tower is Tallest and oldest building in Oswestry. Linked to Yale University USA

Take a peek or sit for a prayer, whichever you like, at the Church of St Oswald. Opens 10 to 3, with Sundays being open for public worships, there's plenty of time for you to walk into this spiritual ground for some good energy recharge. With more than 1000 years of history, it is a well preserved and an actively used worshipping space in town. There's numerous architectural features to read about and look at, inside of the building, and externally as well. It also makes for a majestic picture against the green grass and trees and the blue sky; the graveyards just gives a solemn reminder for us to appreciate these little pleasures even more!

How to get there? Where to stay? I want more info!

Intrigued? Visit https://www.visitoswestry.co.uk/ for more information. Their website is actually quite well maintained and informative. If you time it right, all these could be part of your itinerary for your visit there.

Once you have fallen in love with the town, they even have a FREE online course for you to be their ambassador! Check it out HERE!