Purpose, Plans, and Priorities

3 purposes, 3 priorities, 3 is my favourite number.

Purpose, Plans, and Priorities

Purpose of our events: 1) To celebrate our union with families and friends on both sides of the world.  2)  To be able to interact personally with all our guests by keeping it small and intimate.  3) To reduce cost for both us and invitees.

I was asked to ponder on: "What makes a wedding, what differentiates it from a birthday party or any other events?"  Personally, I think it's i) the couple (dressed to be recognised as the bride and groom), ii) an object that signifies the wedding (e.g. a backdrop, a sign, a bunting, etc), and iii) people who would appreciate the union and make memories to commemorate our big day(s).

Plans: To organise celebrations for families separately from our friends, so that we get to spend quality time with each of them without rushing through the guests list like any

Priorities for bigger events:

  1. Rough estimates of guests for each event:  To enable more accurate quotation to be provided before a venue is decided on and booked.
  2. Photographer(s): Start looking out for photo styles we like, then contact them for our dates and a quotation.
  3. Make up and hair artist(s): Same like 2.
  4. Venue and catering (if it is a package): To know how big of a hole we will burn in our pocket, or what choices we'd have that is within our budget.
But first, set the dates!
Photo by Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

Priorities for our parties:  Follow i, ii, iii.   Also with food and drinks and some kind of entertainment.

Most importantly, we're to send out STDs (Save The Date) soon to our guests.