Let's Play Spot Bella

Challenge: Can you find the black feline in each picture?

Let's Play Spot Bella
This is Bella.

We have a cat, Bella is her name;

She likes to hide, seeking is our game.

Everyday when it's too quiet, we'll start looking,

Can you find her too, where is Bella hiding?

Bella was adopted from a kitty rescue programme in Kuala Lumpur.  We got her after deliberating long and hard.  It was timely that the pandemic got us cooped up working from home, so we thought it'll be a good opportunity to adopt a cat without the need to immediately leave it alone for 9 hours a day.  We'll have time to bond with the cat and get it used to us and our home.

Older cats are less likely to be adopted, as many people think it is easier to bond and train cats from a younger age.  Misconception.

There were so many up for adoption, and they all look so in need of a home... However, after considering the possibility of older cats being less likely to be adopted, we chose the path less taken and took in Bella, a 4 year-old kitty.

She was already used to a nomadic lifestyle, having been moved from one new place to another to another, after being fostered, trialed for adoption, then back to foster care again, before coming to us.  So when she came to our place, she immediately began scouting this new area, letting herself into every room we left open. First priority, "where is my litterbox?".  Then, "where can I hide?".  She seemed to be a curious and a very tactful feline.  She seems to know what she can do or not do, she can entertain herself, but also play tag if you're up for it, and she also knows how to give high-fives (but only when she gets fed in return).

Home is now a tad warmer to come back to.

Now after being with us for more than 3 months, she's slowly warming up to us, shadowing us wherever we go in the house, lounge on the armrest of the couch when we watch TV, sit in the bed with us when we are going to sleep.  Having adopted a "it's-my-breakfast-time alarm clock" that tries to wake us up an hour before feeding time, and "snoozes" for 15 minutes in between each call, life is more of a routine now.  Home is also now a tad more warmer to have an extra family member to greet you every time you come home, to wrestle and to play with, and most importantly to hug and to hold.

If you are interested in supporting the rescuers, or fostering or adopting any felines in need of a home, check them out on instagram: @allergicrescuerskl

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